Katy Al-Rubeyi

Story Mfg., Co-founder

Katy Al-Rubeyi’s Story mfg. is rooting its fashion in nature and social good.

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Bilgehan "Hans" Ates

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, Founder

Han Ates is of the belief that less is more in both the design and production processes.

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Mary Bruno

Life After Death Denim, Founder

Mary Bruno is striking out on her own with a sustainability mission.

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Salli Deighton

Denim development consultant

Salli Deighton envisions a sustainable future for denim, even at the mass merchant level.

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Claire Ford

Claire Ford Consultancy, Director

Claire Ford applies her millennial sensibility to her sustainable denim designs.

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Clare and David Hieatt

Hiut Denim Co., Owners

Hiut Denim Co. only makes one product: jeans. But they do it well.

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Gary Lenett

Duer Denim, Co-founder

Gary Lenett is focused on creating the “best pants in the world.”

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Maurice Malone

Maurice Malone, Creative Designer and Principal Owner

Maurice Malone's designs are at the apex of where craftsmanship and streetwear meet.

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Jill Perilman

Liverpool Jeans, Co-founder and Design Director

Jill Perilman is the creative force behind Liverpool Jeans' popular women’s collection.

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Tony Tonnaer

Kings of Indigo, Founder and CEO

Tony Tonnaer is a pioneer in cool sustainable fashion and storytelling.

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