Sanjeev Bahl

Saitex, Founder

Sanjeev Bahl is the brains behind the “cleanest denim factory in the world.”

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Laura Balmond

Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Make Fashion Circular project manager

For the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), jeans are just the starting point for fashion’s circular future.

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James Bartle

Outland Denim, Founder and CEO

James Bartle is taking a democratic approach to running a business.

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Sebastian Klinder

Munich Fabric Start and Bluezone, Managing Director

Sebastian Klinder has transformed Munich Fabric Start and Bluezone into international platforms focused on sustainability and innovation.

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Isko CEO Fatih Konukoglu has showed how to lead with grace under the pressure of a global pandemic.

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Yul Ku

AG Jeans, CEO

Through mask production and donations, AG Jeans stepped up to support local Covid-19 relief efforts.

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Renzo Rosso

OTB Group, Founder and President

With Renzo Rosso at the helm, OTB Group is emerging as a company that does good for both the planet...

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Sevgin Sicim

C&A, Fabric Manager

Sevgin Sicim is bringing C&A's stance on sustainability to the jeanswear category.

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Enrique Silla

Jeanologia, CEO and Co-Founder

Enrique Silla is working to help retailers regain trust with Covid-era consumers.

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Vivian Wang

Kingpins Shows, Managing Director

Vivian Wang is the heart of Kingpins' global initiatives.

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