Alessio Berto

The Tailor Pattern Support, Owner

Education plays a large role Alessio Berto's day-to-day.

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Juan Manuel Gomez

Officina +39, Creative Leader

Creating artwork with indigo has led to a career in the denim supply chain for Juan Manuel Gomez.

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Ruedi Karrer

The Jeans Museum, Founder

Ruedi Karrer is a curator and caretaker of the unique stories jeans can tell.

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Amy Leverton

Denim Dudes, Founder

Amy Leverton is gearing up for design projects that bring her back to her professional origins.

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Wouter Munnichs

Long John, Founder

Wouter Munnichs' passion for denim shines through storytelling and brand building.

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Silvia Rancani

The Denim Window, Founder

Silvia Rancani's The Denim Window keeps the industry connected online and IRL.

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Mohsin Sajid

Denim History, Founder

For Mohsin Sajid, education is the backbone to a more responsible denim industry.

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Greta Thunberg

Climate Activist

Greta Thunberg is a voice to reckon with.

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Ani Wells

Simply Suzette, Owner and Founder

Through her blog and social media, Ani Wells encourages consumers to understand the origin of their clothing.

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