Omer Ahmed

Artistic Milliners, CEO

Omer Ahmed’s interest in denim began at an early age.

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Alberto de Conti

Rudolf Group, Head of Fashion Division

With a resume that includes more than a decade at Levi's, de Conti is a longtime figure in the denim...

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Dan Feibus

Vidalia Mills Co., CEO

Vidalia Mills Co. CEO Dan Feibus is setting an example for business owners with Made in USA dreams.

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Jean Hegedus

The Lycra Company, Director of sustainability

Jean Hegedus' work within the denim industry has heightened awareness of the need for more sustainable solutions.

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Dr. Andrew Jordan

Jordan & Associates, Consultant

Dr. Andrew Jordan is helping to to tell the story of the wider U.S. cotton industry.

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Luigi Lovato

Elleti Group, Founder and CEO

Luigi Lovato recently put his affection for denim on display by establishing a museum housing more than 15,000 garments dating...

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Kara Nicholas

Elevate Textiles, Vice President of Marketing

As vice president of marketing for Elevate Textiles, Kara Nicholas helps craft the stories of a suite of textile trailblazers.

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Piyumi Perera

Hirdaramani Industries, Head of Design

Piyumi Perera’s role is an example of how in 2020 being a designer also requires deep knowledge in materials and...

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Safdar Shah

Rajby Textiles, R&D Manager

Safdar Shah is up for the challenge to advance circular fabrics.

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Amy Wang

Advance Denim, General Manager

Amy Wang is a force behind Advance Denim's eco mission.

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