Sanjeev Bahl

Saitex, Founder

Saitex founder Sanjeev Bahl has become an industry leader in sustainable denim.

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Alberto Candiani

Candiani Denim, Owner

Alberto Candiani wants to see the entire denim market embrace sustainability—and not just as a marketing ploy.

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Frank Michel

ZDHC Foundation, Executive director

As executive director of the ZDHC Foundation, Frank Michel helps the world's largest apparel brands clean up their supply chains.

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Andrew Olah

Olah Inc. and Kingpins, Founder

Kingpins founder Andrew Olah's latest efforts are focused on securing a future for the denim industry.

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Baris Ozden

Isko, Product development manager

Isko product development manager Baris Ozden is a driving force behind the mill's responsible innovation.

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José Rafae Royo Ballesteros

Tejidos Royo, Sales director

José Rafael Royo Ballesteros has made it something of a personal mission to spread the gospel of Tejidos Royo's dry...

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Bart Sights

Levi Strauss & Co., Vice President of Technical Innovation

Levi's vp of technical innovation Bart Sights believes the best has yet to come for the denim industry.

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Enrique Silla

Jeanologia, Co-founder

Jeanologia co-founder Enrique Silla aims to equip the denim industry with the tools it needs to clean up its act.

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Mostafiz Uddin

Denim Expert Limited, Managing director

In his role as managing director role for Denim Expert Limited, Mostafiz Uddin shines a spotlight on Bangladesh's manufacturing future.

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Universal Thread

Target’s Universal Thread collection brings premium fabrics and sustainable concepts to the mass level at wallet-friendly prices.

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