Paige, co-founder and creative director
Paige Adams-Geller
Paige, co-founder and creative director

Deep Dive

Breaking into the fashion industry as a fit model, Paige Adams-Geller rose to the top of her game, leading an acclaimed premium denim label based in Los Angeles that employs 300 workers and is sold in more than 80 countries around the world. As the co-founder and creative director at Paige, Adams-Geller added a female voice to the jeans category predominantly made up of men during premium denim’s heyday.

What began as a women’s denim brand in 2004 expanded just two years later into a full lifestyle collection for men and women, with products sold at premium retailers internationally. The brand’s bread and butter is functional and fashionable styles for women on the go, as demonstrated by The Nines, a collection of jeans versatile enough for the multiple hats women wear every day.

The brand is expanding into new markets in Europe this year through a recent partnership with Italy-based Brama Group. The company will begin to distribute Paige’s men’s and women’s collections in Europe and the Middle East beginning with the Fall ’21 collection.

Last year, Adams-Geller was nominated in the fashion category of Create & Cultivate’s 100 list, which honors 100 female change makers across various industries. In an iconic collaboration with Minnie Mouse—who also made the list—Paige designed a custom denim jacket for the Disney character to wear at the awards event.

Her work extends beyond denim and into the surrounding community through her work with organizations dedicated to empowering survivors of sexual abuse, individuals with eating disorders and more.

What is the biggest misconception that consumers have about sustainable denim?

Many people may not realize that supporting sustainable denim isn’t just about buying sustainably—it also involves how you care for your jeans. By hang-drying and washing only when needed, you can lower your carbon dioxide output, save water and prolong the life of your denim, thereby reducing the amount of clothing sent to landfills.

What can the denim industry do to ensure a positive post-pandemic rebound?

The denim industry can do a lot of things to ensure a post-pandemic positive rebound. We need to continue to be innovative with fabric and technology as well as mindful of our environment and planet. We need to continue developing product that embraces different body shapes and promote inclusivity. Finally, make sure to have great product with great quality.

Skinny jeans: Over or a new staple?

Skinny jeans are definitely a classic! Everyone needs to have a great black and indigo skinny in their wardrobe. The trick to keeping them looking current is to wear the right shoes.

How can denim retail improve?

There is always room for improvement, but we are seeing a big shift as things start opening in the U.S. and other markets. I’m thrilled to see that customers are excited to get dressed up again and meet with friends as well as go out for date night. Denim is the perfect transition out of pandemic loungewear. It can be dressed up or dressed down and is still comfortable.

How many pairs of jeans do you own?

I own hundreds; possibly thousands of jeans. I have over 25 years of denim archives from my fit modeling days to 17 years of Paige. Between wear tests, samples and production, I’ve taken over all the closets in my house! I’m a denim addict for sure.

Which jeans do you wear the most, and why?

I currently wear Paige’s Cindy jean in the Mel wash the most. It’s a stunning medium/light indigo wash with the perfect straight leg that goes with all of my favorite shoes.