Saitex, Founder
Sanjeev Bahl
Saitex, Founder


Saitex founder Sanjeev Bahl has become an industry leader in sustainable denim.

Deep Dive

For Saitex founder Sanjeev Bahl, sustainability is about much more than manufacturing responsibly—it’s about innovating to make the world a smarter, safer place for the next generation to inhabit.

“Sustainability is everyone’s sons and daughters. It’s the future we promised them and forgot to keep along the way to creating the advanced world they are going to live in,” Bahl said. “Sustainability is the fuel for my innovation because it’s become a personal responsibility.”

Evolving from the denim factory it started as when Bahl founded it 17 years ago, Saitex is progressing to become a certified B Corp committed to bettering the beloved blueblood denim industry. That certification once achieved ,Bahl said, positions the company for leadership in environmental and social responsibility, and sets it on the path of fulfilling its vision of becoming a force for good.

And from the helm of the company, Bahl leads that charge.

“My role is to bring great minds together, invest deeply into innovation and environmental education, work collaboratively with our associates and research partners to build a technologically advanced organization with a net positive impact balance sheet,” he said.

It’s a role Bahl has been grateful to fill, and when reflecting on his career, being able to think outside of the box when it comes to how this industry has traditionally operated and to help set the stage for greater sustainability, is a factor he’s most proud of. Though there’s quite a lot more to be proud of having created a game-changing LEED-certified facility that recycles 98 percent of the water it uses in its production process.

Looking ahead, Bahl sees a brighter future for the denim industry than the reality it’s been living in, and more conscious brands—like Everlane, G-Star Raw and now Outerknown that have already tapped Saitex to produce their denim—doing their part to forge that path forward.

“Factories and society have become extremely inclusive and selfish and have no correlation to their decisions on a day-to-day basis regarding our planet or its inhabitants,” Bahl said. “It’s time to break down these walls. We need to invest in education and practices that will preserve our planet. We need to act fast to address our world. Let this be each our individual legacies, that we set the example for the rest of the fashion world and changed the course of a destructive future.”

What’s your first denim memory?

“James Dean wearing denim in what has now become iconic cultural images.”

What is your favorite pair of jeans?

“I’ve been really taken with Atelier & Repairs’ take on modern vintage and giving garments a new life through purposeful and unique design.”