Monsieur-T., Founder
Tilmann Wröbel
Monsieur-T., Founder


Denim design consultant Tilmann Wröbel offers a luxury-meets-streetwear approach to denim design.

Deep Dive

From building out the expansive trend area for the Bluezone trade show each season, to co-developing collections with mills and ingredient brands, the influence of Monsieur-T., the international studio for denim and bottoms founded by Tilmann Wröbel, permeates across the denim industry.

Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, Wröbel claims both German and French heritage—a quality that comes out in his enduring, yet elegant designs. And having worked with haute couture brands like Christian Dior and sportswear brands like Etnies, Wröbel personifies the luxury-meets-street trend consuming fashion in 2019.

Why are you drawn to denim?   

I think it’s the texture and sturdiness of the fabric, as much as the living indigo pigment. With a vast experience in fashion—from haute couture to streetwear—the fabric got me addicted, once I learned my basics with French denim designers back in the day.

How can brands improve the way they communicate sustainable stories to consumers?  

Simplify the messages, make it bolder, enhance information on why it’s good for the consumer.

What was the last denim garment you purchased?

A deadstock 1950s French naval denim from my friend’s vintage archive place, Brut Clothing, in Paris because of fit and its history.

Which city has the most inspiring street style?   

I’d say that east of London is still the place, but places in Seoul and main cities in China are full of good surprises too.

What’s exciting you about denim in 2019?  

Well, 2019 feels like it is some time ago in the Monsieur-T studio. We are currently finalizing Spring/Summer 2021. But, for sure, something I feel exciting about 2019 is the sudden creativity in denim coming from luxury brands, who formerly were not really into relevant denim trends.