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Ahead of the Curve: Clear Weather Expands Independent Sneaker Line

Clear Weather, the California-based lifestyle sneaker brand for men and women, released their new Convx collection last week, available in three distinct colors. Featuring a wrapped signature flex pattern alongside a futuristic silhouette, the outsole depicts additional design influences replicating the curved hull of a boat.

The Convx collection will be available in three new colorways, including black, elm and honey, and is available through Clear Weather’s website and at select retailers for $120.

To mark the launch of this new line, Vamp recently sat down with Clear Weather co-founder Josh Brubaker to learn more about the brand and the new Convx.

Vamp: Clear Weather is a relatively young brand. Where and when was it started?
Brubaker: Clear Weather was started by my brother Josh and I in 2014 in Santa Ana, Calif., where the company is still based today. We felt it was time to start our own footwear company, and left our jobs and launched the brand relatively quickly in April 2014—with a soft launch in December 2014.

Vamp: Where do you find your design inspiration?
We try and make sneakers that we want to wear. Mixed with the trends and aesthetics picked up from the mainstream world around us, we aim for the designs to be clever, but wearable. We want to be unique, yet familiar in a sense. Simplistic design is the most difficult thing to do.

Vamp: How would you define the perfect sneaker?
The perfect sneaker is simple and unique with a balanced composition.

Vamp: What is lacking in the sneaker market?
Independent brands that make above average shoes.

Vamp: How do you aim to fill this void with Clear Weather?
We look to grow every season, and push ourselves as designers and businessmen.

Vamp: What is your first sneaker memory?
I think when I was about 7 or 8 my dad bought my brother and I black cement Jordan 4’s. I was so bummed because my size didn’t have the air bubble.