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How is Ivanka Trump Footwear Faring During the Election?

The 2016 election is anything but ordinary—it is even playing out on the sales floors of Macy’s Herald Square flagship.

Macy’s cut ties with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his namesake menswear line in June 2015 shortly after he made derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants in his campaign announcement speech.

The department store, however, has been undeterred about selling his daughter, Ivanka Trump’s eponymous line of women’s footwear. While her father’s comments continue to split the nation, Ivanka and her footwear line, a division of Marc Fisher, have gone relatively unscathed despite her vocal support for her father’s campaign.

Sales people at the Herald Square location of Macy’s told VAMP sales of Ivanka’s footwear have not suffered from the political headlines. One sales person said she has heard a few “hell no’s” when customers pick up a shoe and see that it bears Ivanka Trump’s name, but overall she said the brand continues to sell through.

In particular, Macy’s sales people said the brand’s Fall ’16 boot collection has been a hit with tourists from Asia for their Chanel-like qualities.

Ivanka’s business prowess has been on display throughout the campaign. During the Republican National Convention in July, she addressed the country in a blush dress from her own apparel line with G-III. She later tweeted where to purchase the $138 dress, and the frock sold out in 24 hours.

The brand also recently debuted a marketing campaign targeted to working women—a hot topic on the campaign trail as both parties discuss equal pay and maternity leave. The ad campaign aims to celebrate women who work, by featuring four women, Trump included, ranging from CEO’s to stay-at-home moms.

Contrary to statements from the Donald Trump camp, Foursquare reported that many of his businesses are hurting due to his bide for presidency. According to the app’s data, states that historically vote Democrat, like New York and Illinois, showed less foot traffic to Trump owned-businesses than before his candidacy.

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Meanwhile, Ivanka’s ventures seem to maintain a level of success or, at the very least, normalcy. Forbes reported in July that G-III’s annual report noted a $29.4 million increase in sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line from 2015.

VAMP reached out to G-III and Marc Fisher for interviews. Both companies reported that they maintain overall positive numbers, but said they have no specific data on individual brands such as Ivanka Trump.

“We are proud that our business is growing rapidly and that our brand resonates strongly with women who are inspired by our messaging and excited about the polished and chic solution-oriented products that we offer,” said Abigail Klem, Ivanka Trump chief brand officer for G-III. “Over the past year many more women have discovered and become loyal to the brand, leading us to experience a significant year over year revenue growth.”

Critics, however, can be found on social media. Ivanka Trump’s Instagram, an account that promotes her apparel and accessories collection as well as offers glimpses into her private life, is peppered with politically fueled comments.

On a photo of a woman modeling Ivanka Trump’s Carver boot, @Shaneonyou1 commented, “Huge BOYCOTT of everything Trump here in Canada. Retailers are rejecting Ivankas clothing line and so should you.”

On another image, of a sign that says “Women Who Dream Big,” @Jeremy44u commented, “Yeah but you forgot one little thing honey… not all women have rich daddies.”

Despite speculation from the media and Trump supporters that Ivanka has a future in government, Ivanka recently said she does not have political dreams. In an interview with Fast Company published on Monday, Ivanka said she has no plans to work for her father’s administration.

One thing can be sure—if Trump wins, the White House will see a lot of Ivanka Trump shoes.