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Mery Brings Marie Antoinette Style to the Digital Age

Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of Mery Racauchi’s pink and glittery designs—the Argentinean designer means business.

Since launching her apparel, footwear and accessories brand, Mery, in 2010, Racauchi has leveraged her distinct personal style and robust social media following to create a global fan base that likes, comments, shares and swoons over her Instagram-worthy designs.

And with over 435k followers on Instagram and more than 400k followers on Facebook, Racauchi has a direct line of communication with consumers. “I’m posting photos all the time—of myself, of my shoes,” Racauchi said. “Social media is a very important way to communicate at the moment.”

After making the move from Argentina to New York in 2016, Racauchi is ready to take on the U.S. market with her signature splash of color and “It” girl status. The brand will exhibit for the first time at the New York Hilton Midtown during FFANY Aug.1-3, presenting a footwear collection chock-full of fur, pearls, pastels and distinctive pink soles targeted to high-end department stores and boutiques. “I want to bring something new, something that is missing,” Racauchi explained.

mery boots

The statement-making brand debuts in the U.S. at a time when consumers are seeking signature items for their wardrobe. In April, The NPD Group reported that Millennial-age consumers are turning to products with photographic appeal and a style that will help them stand out in a “personally significant manner.”

Racauchi knows this customer well. “Our girl is 18 to 35-years-old. She likes being trendy, she’s obsessed with Instagram. She wants to be the best-dressed everywhere she goes and my shoes are a good opportunity to be seen and to stand out,” she explained.

Inspired by romanticism, baroque, Marie Antoinette and cotton candy, Racauchi playfully describes the ingredients in her footwear collection as “1 gram of romance, 1 tablespoon of fun, a cup of style and 10 drops of cuteness.” The Spring ’18 “made in Italy” collection will include high heels, sneakers and platforms, which Racauchi says are tweaked for U.S. consumers who prefer something a bit lower than her Argentinean clientele.

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Racauchi is also introducing her own take of the fur-lined slide, by adding a pink velvet number embellished with the brand’s logo, a flying Pegasus to the mix. The shoe keys into the fantasy trend that has populated Instagram this summer (i.e. unicorn hair, unicorn fraps…), but more importantly to Racauchi, it represents endless possibilities. “The flying horse can achieve whatever he wants,” Racauchi said. “It’s a great source of inspiration.”