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3-D Printing Empowers Designers to Be Factory of One

Naysayers who thought 3-D printing was a gimmick likely had a change of heart recently when Adidas unveiled performance footwear featuring a 3-D printed midsole that could be customized to fit the wearer’s foot.

To anyone who’s still skeptical: talk to Brandon Davis, CEO of Blue Dragon, a 1-year-old 3-D printer manufacturer that’s exhibiting this week as part of Sourcing at Magic’s wearable technology showcase in Las Vegas.

“We teach people how to make money with 3-D printers,” Davis quipped.

Suitable for both rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping, prices start at $2,499 for a 12-inch by 12-inch by 12-inch printer called the Fireprint KH-1728 that’s designed and assembled in the U.S. and built to interface with a PC, laptop, tablet, cellphone or any web-enabled device, and which Davis said can print almost anything.

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