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Adidas and Mizuno Named in Supplier Dispute

Adidas and Mizuno are involved in a dispute over a group of 1,300 workers claiming they were unfairly fired in 2012 by the management of footwear supplier PT Panarub Dwikarya Benoa in Indonesia.

On August 27, workers convened at the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta to demand reinstatement, according to the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC). Prior to being dismissed by the factory three years ago, the group of mostly female workers held a strike to demand the right to freedom of association and a back payment of the legal minimum wage. The factory where the violations occurred was subtracted to produce shoes for Adidas, and Mizuno has produced footwear at the factory for years, the CCC reported.

Kokom Komalawati, president of the union SBGTS-GSBI, told the CCC, “The PT Panarub Dwikarya case is a proof that the workers in Indonesia have no guarantee of a decent life and well-being. Adidas and Mizuno have the responsibility to ensure these workers get their jobs and livelihoods back, and until they do so, we will keep demanding our rights.”

Adidas signed the Freedom of Association Protocol in Indonesia, which agrees to uphold the right to freedom of association at its supplier factories. However, the CCC said in this case Adidas does not acknowledge that the subcontractors of its suppliers would need to follow the FOA protocol. Mizuno has not signed the Freedom of Association Protocol.