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Adidas, Beyoncé Partner with Peloton for Slimmed-Down Collab

Adidas and Beyoncé’s Ivy Park are following up August’s denim-filled “Rodeo” collection by bringing in a third collaborator—popular fitness platform Peloton.

Slated to drop Nov. 10, the Adidas x Ivy Park x Peloton collection will include a broad selection of activewear, such as bike shorts, tights and sports bras, as well as looser shorts and tees that can layer over top. The 29-piece apparel line will also offer a cropped hoodie and long windbreaker for pre- and post-workout. The neon-infused line featuring colors including “focus olive” and “shock slime” ranges in price from $45-$200. Sizes run from XXS to 3XL.

Though next month’s release significantly trims the variety in apparel compared to past collections—Rodeo offered twice as many styles—it cuts down on footwear even further. Whereas every other Adidas x Ivy Park drop has offered at least four different styles, the Peloton collaboration will include just one, a $200 IVP Ultraboost sneaker.

The Adidas x Ivy Park x Peloton collection will include 29 pieces of apparel and an IVP Ultraboost sneaker
Though the more limited variety in selection could very well derive from issues in Adidas’ supply chain—the company said in August it expected delays could cost it more than 500 million euros ($592 million) in lost sales in the second half—it may not be the only explanation. In September, Yahoo! Sports reported that after more than a month on sale, multiple Ivy Park Rodeo sneaker styles remained in stock on Adidas’ website. On StockX, where the hottest sneakers will often resell for well above list price, the August collection’s “Acid Orange” Ultraboost sneaker last sold for $92, less than half of its $200 retail price. Adidas

The three-month span between Ivy Park’s Rodeo and Peloton collections represents the shortest gap between any two of its Adidas collections. Nine months passed between the collaborator’s first and second drops. A roughly four-month gap separated the second and third collections. Another six months went by before the fourth debuted.

The less than three-month break since Rodeo has not gone unnoticed by fans of Ivy Park. On the label’s Instagram post announcing the Peloton collaboration, the comment section is dominated by users lamenting the financial strain of yet another release.

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“Sweetie, we just had Rodeo two days ago. Let us breathe, dear,” one comment with near 400 likes reads. Another fan simply wrote, “Beyoncé I don’t have moneeeyyyy.”

Unlike past releases, however, Ivy Park’s latest collaboration directly targets a consumer base beyond Beyoncé’s rabid fans—Peloton users. As of June 30, the fitness platform had more than 5.9 million members, including 2.23 million with a Connected Fitness Subscription—a service that costs $39 per month. The company—an Adidas partner since March and a Beyoncé collaborator since 2020—expects to grow that number to 3.63 million by the end of June. The Adidas x Ivy Park x Peloton campaign will feature several Peloton instructors, including Cody Rigsby and Ally Love, both of whom have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.

The collection will launch on the Adidas website and at select Adidas stores, as well as via the recently launched Peloton Apparel brand. Introduced in September, the private label offers men’s, women’s and gender-neutral activewear.