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Adidas App Ensures Sneakerheads Never Miss a Drop

Fans of the Three Stripes now have a way to remain constantly connected—and apprised of the latest drop.

Adidas announced the launch of its new app, Confirmed, this week, giving users exclusive access to new product and content from the brand’s innovators and collaborators.

The community focused hub offers a carefully curated assortment of streetwear, and will serve as a platform for highly anticipated releases like Adidas’ first collection with men’s wear brand Noah, Sean Wotherspoon’s sustainable SuperEarth silhouette, and Craig Green’s Superstar sneakers, which debuted on high-fashion runways in January. Confirmed will also make it easier for sneakerheads to get their hands on the coveted goods, implementing a secure, in-app checkout system.

Adidas is hoping the app will be more than just a destination for sneaker drops, though. The platform, which originally launched in 2015 as a shadow of its current self, will also house stories and content from the brand’s top creators, from listicles and interviews to videos and other visual vehicles for storytelling. Tastemakers like Jonah Hill, Blondey and Nigo will be some of the first featured on Confirmed.

“Whether working with outside partners or coming together internally to produce innovative products, at the heart of Adidas is a deeply collaborative spirit,” said Ebru Ecron, design director at Adidas. “This collaborative ethos extends to Confirmed and we’re incredibly excited that the platform will allow us to showcase our most forward-thinking products that we’ve brought to life with our partners.”

The Adidas Confirmed app showcases content from the brand's creators and collaborators.

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The launch of Confirmed coincides with a growing consumer dependence on all things digital for both commerce and connectedness. As more shoppers lean on online channels for products they might normally purchase in stores, brands are seeking to augment the online experience beyond a simple transaction.

Nike launched its own popular mobile app in 2013, and has steadily iterated on the platform in subsequent years, integrating physical and digital shopping experiences. At the brand’s Manhattan House of Innovation, which opened in 2018, users can scan and purchase products on the spot. The brand’s interactive flagship in Guangzhou, China, features a responsive in-store experience using the Nike app and ever-evolving store features and aesthetics.

The company also provides access to workout classes and other fitness content through its Nike Training Club, which has been offered to shoppers for free as a way to stay active through the pandemic. Last week, football stars Odell Beckham Jr., Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley began offering their own workouts through a collaboration between Nike Training Club and the NFL.