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Adidas Launches First-Ever Reservation App

Sneakerheads will have more time to enjoy leisurely weekend brunches now that they don’t have to stand in line for new sneaker releases from Adidas.

Adidas announced Adidas Confirmed, a new sneaker reservation app available now at Apple’s App Store and Google Play, aimed to offer consumers a more fair shot at getting access to limited releases.

Using push notifications and location services, the app provides instant confirmation of product availability and inform users when reservations are available in designated areas. Customers can then pick up their purchases from a designated retail location to complete the purchase.

Adidas vice president of brand activation Simon Atkin said, “We wanted to create a more elegant, safe and consumer-friendly way to launch marquee shoes to our most loyal customers.” He explained that the industry standard for releases of hype sneakers traditionally involved social media or lottery-based systems, which would often result in long lines and unclaimed reservations.

He added, “We thought about our consumers, what platforms they’re using the most and what would make the most sense for them. The Adidas Confirmed mobile app is our way of improving the customer experience and reaching kids in an environment where they spend most of their time.”