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Adidas Launches Subscription Service for Women

Adidas is going after female customers in a new way with the launch of Avenue A, a women-only subscription service offering a curated box of assorted training and running products.

Adidas plans to collaborate with a wide array of trendsetters and trainers to deliver unique custom content to subscribers, starting with the first box curated by fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer. Based in New York, Winhoffer has selected a versatile package of products that cater to an active lifestyle without compromising style.

“I get a lot of inspiration from what’s around me,” said Winhoffer in a press release. “I love cultures and I combine different styles, cultures, dance, and performance into my own unique style.” Regarding her involvement with Avenue A, Winhoffer said, “The brand is paying attention to a woman’s need to be stylish, confident and one of a kind. They’re doing it in a really cool new way.”

Avenue A will ship quarterly, with subscribers receiving four boxes per year at $150 per box. While the contents of each shipment is a surprise, the box will be filled with three to five premium items – a mix of footwear, apparel and accessories appropriate for the season.

“Our brand is listening to what women truly want, and that is product designed specifically for her combined with unique, customized experiences,” said Kelly Olmstead, senior director of Adidas Brand Activation. “Avenue A helps us deliver that in one convenient and inspiring package. The best part is, this is only the beginning.”