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Circularity Drives Adidas x Parley Spring ’18 Footwear

Circularity remains essential to Adidas’ footprint and the brand is upping its sustainable presence with new Adidas x Parley footwear for Spring ’18.

Over the past two years, Adidas has collaborated with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization working to protect marine life, on several eco-friendly products, including the first Terrex Parley shoe—a unisex outdoor boat shoe with a knitted upper featuring Parley’s recycled plastic bottle yarn.

After debuting the shoe this summer, Adidas is expanding its range of Adidas x Parley footwear for Spring ’18 with new functional features.

The capsule collection features five new shoes—the Terrex CC Voyager Parley (men’s), The Terrex CC Voyager Sleek Parley (women’s), the Terrex Boat DLX Parley (men’s), the Terrex CC Boat Parley (men’s) and the Terrex CC Boat Sleek Parley (women’s).

Designed for various travel conditions, including boating and trail walking, the Terrex CC Voyager Parley and the Terrex CC Voyager Sleek Parley offer consumers optimal comfort. The shoes, which are incredibly lightweight, feature a knit upper with yarn spun from recycled Parley Ocean Plastic. Some of the yarn contains Parley Ocean Plastic Upper—a breathable sock like construction that provides wearers with a snug, comfortable fit. A Stealth rubber outsole and innovative drainage system also provide breathability and reduce moisture during physical activities.

The Terrex Boat DLX Parley is exclusively made for warm day boating and shore excursions. A breathable upper knit upper, which is made from recycled Parley Ocean Plastic, provides comfort and keeps wearers dry. A Traxion outsole also enables the shoe to effectively drain water and prevent wearers from slipping on wet surfaces.

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Like other Terrex CC footwear, the Terrex CC Boat Parley and the Terrex CC Boat Sleek Parley shoes provide consumers with a versatile footwear option for boating, beaches and boardwalks. Both men’s and women’s styles feature a breathable knit upper made from recycled Parley Ocean Plastic, in addition to a Traxion outsole that keeps shoes dry and prevents falls on wet areas, including docks.

The new collection follows Adidas and Parley for the Oceans’ joint sustainability initiatives. In June, both parties set a goal to create 5 million pairs of Adidas x Parley footwear by 2018, to minimize the negative impacts of ocean pollution. As a founding member of Parley for the Oceans, Adidas supports the organization in its education, research and development and eco innovation efforts. Both parties are mutually working on Parley for the Oceans’ Ocean Plastic Program, which is run by the Parley A.I.R. Strategy (Avoid, Intercept, and Redesign) to terminate ocean plastic pollution and promote industry circularity.