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Adidas’ New Running Shoe Lineup Has Something for Everyone

This month, Adidas is releasing a range of new performance running footwear, each crafted to fit the needs of modern runners.

The athletic brand announced four new models to go along with the update to its marathon-ready Adizero Pro running shoe: the SL20, the Adidas Ultraboost 20, the Adidas Ultraboost Personal Best and the Adidas Run 4D 1.0.

With its new running lineup, Adidas said it is targeting runners at varying levels of performance, a concept best realized in the brand-new SL20 running shoe. The SL20 sits between the more casual Solar line and the professional-level Adizero shoe in terms of weight and responsiveness, giving runners another avenue to enjoy the brand’s new Lightstrike midsole.

Lightstrike made its first appearance in the Adizero and, paired with a recalibrated and snappy torsion bar, adds “breakneck off-the-line speed” to the SL20, Adidas said. The SL20 will also feature Continental Stretchweb rubber on the outsole to maximize traction.

The Adidas Ultraboost 20 will be the next iteration of the popular Ultraboost line, “the result of relentless stress testing in the lab, countless hours of research, and feedback from thousands of runners.” Perhaps the biggest update to the new Ultraboost will be the addition of the brand’s new Primeknit with Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) technology.

Fibers in TFP-produced uppers are placed down to the millimeter, Adidas said, and help to calibrate and personalize support for each individual runner’s foot. An optimized Boost midsole will also improve the new Ultraboost’s ability capture and return energy with every stride, helping runners run longer and faster.

Adidas has released its latest suite of innovative running shoes, the SL20, the Adidas UB20, the Adidas Ultraboost PB and the Adidas Run 4D 1.0.
The Adidas Ultraboost 20 features Tailored Fiber Placement technology, which lays down fibers with added precision for a more calibrated fit. Adidas

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Another new Ultraboost model, the Ultraboost Personal Best (PB) combines the new features of the Ultraboost 20 with the Adizero Pro’s same mesh upper, Celermesh, which Adidas describes as its lightest ever, making the PB a faster option for runners.

And Adidas unveiled the next model in its 4D performance footwear line, the Adidas Run 4D 1.0, which is produced via Digital Light Synthesis—a method of production using “digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins” that is akin to 3D printing.

The new 4D model is “precisely tuned” to provide support and cushioning, thanks to the large amount of data the brand has collected from runners over the years, Adidas said. This level of precision is mostly made possible by the brand’s new liquid-printed Adidas 4D midsole technology, joining with the Adidas Run 4D 1.0’s adaptable heel fit and high-abrasion rubber construction.

The Adidas SL20 and Ultraboost 20 will be available starting Feb. 27.