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Ahnu Starts a New Chapter With Teva Under New Brand Realignment

Deckers Brand subsidiaries Teva and Ahnu believe they’re stronger together. Deckers announced that it has realigned Ahnu under the Teva brand.

The move aims to be help refocus the Ahnu brand, which got its start in the San Francisco Bay Area producing women’s active footwear, as it seeks to better distinguish its product range, which includes both outdoor boots and yoga-inspired flats.

Vamp recently spoke with Teva marketing director Erika Gabrielli on what Teva and Ahnu are cooking up for Spring ’17, and how the move to Teva will benefit Ahnu.

VAMP: What’s new for Spring ’17?
Gabrielli: For spring ‘17 we are really excited to launch our Original Universal Premier and bring back the Alp sandals from the ’90s. The Original Universal Premier maintains the brand DNA by staying true to everything that made the Teva Original sport sandal so special, while also incorporating enhancements that provide the consumer with versatility and next level comfort. The Alp is a special style. It first appeared in our line in the 1990’s and we are excited to bring it back for Spring ’17. This style offers ultimate durability, adjustability and has a classic heritage look to it. We’ve updated the silhouette with colors that were designed with the vintage outdoor look in mind.

VAMP: What are some of the key trends in the outdoor market for the season?
Gabrielli: For the Spring ’17 collection, Teva focused on three important design aspects: simplicity, expression and premium quality. Catering to our consumers’ wants and needs, our collection incorporates a simple, yet versatile, design featuring just the right amount of technology, a balance between comfort and craftsmanship and an emphasis on self-expression, with bold and bright designs.

VAMP: Ahnu has recently realigned under Teva. Why was this decision made and how will the Ahnu brand change as a result?
Gabrielli: By pairing Ahnu’s strength in active footwear with Teva’s sandal heritage, this realignment will serve consumers by expanding the diversity of the line for women in particular. Our mission is to connect consumers with each of our brands in an authentic and personal way, and the synergies between Teva and Ahnu will be beneficial to our business and fans of both brands.

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VAMP: Ahnu has undergone several changes in brand focus over the years, from its initial Yoga-inspired aesthetic to outdoor footwear to winter boots, and now it’s a part of Teva. What is Ahnu’s brand identity and do you think Teva will help create more focus in this regard?
Gabrielli: Ahnu has a very distinctive brand identity that still resonates with women despite the recent changes it has undergone. Since its realignment under the Teva brand, the successful product franchises like the Sugarpine have stayed true to their original heritage while also expanding the diversity of the line and bringing vibrant color to outdoor footwear.