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From Ties to Shoelaces, Alton Lane Introduces Customizable High-End Footwear

Alton Lane separates itself from its high-end competitors by offering a bit more than a traditionally bespoke sartorial experience—using 3D technology to create the perfect fit for its suits and men’s wear. Beginning this month, it is bringing that same approach to footwear.

The entire Alton Lane model is built on scientific perfection. In order to purchase one of the brand’s suits, shoppers set an appointment at one of Alton Lane’s 12 showrooms across the United States. From there, they will have access to a full bar, a personal tailor to assist them with their style choices and a full-body 3D scanner that will record their every curve and crevice. In four to six weeks, this experience turns into a custom-made suit.

Now, thanks to a platform that allows customers to interface virtually with a 3D design tool, the 10-year-old brand out of Richmond, Va. is adding luxury footwear to its list of exceedingly bespoke products.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Alton Lane custom shoes,” Colin Hunter, co-founder and CEO of Alton Lane, said. “We have seen tremendous demand for personalization in men’s apparel and accessories, with clients more and more excited about playing a role in the design process. This is the first time that fully customizable shoes, at this price point and level of quality, will be available for sale. We are committed to delivering products that our clients are seeking and a shoe collection was the natural next endeavor.”

The new footwear collection from Alton Lane starts at $295 and consists entirely of luxury styles crafted from linen and premium Italian and Spanish leathers, including calf leather and suede. Consumers can select from a variety of classic silhouettes, including loafers, oxfords, tuxedo slippers and chukka boots. Delivery timeframes are similar to that of a bespoke suit; the brand said final product should arrive four to five weeks after a showroom order.

Image of Alton Lane Double Monk Shoe
Alton Lane’s Double Monk Style. Alton Lane

Each order is custom-made and measured to the exact specifications of the wearer’s foot, leading Alton Lane to claim that it has the most comfortable fits on the market. That also means, for the first time, customers can visit Alton Lane showrooms to receive their length and width measurements and then simply input those specifications online to order subsequent pairs without the need for an additional in-person visit.

Additionally, Alton Lane offers personalization options, like stitching and monogramming, to give consumers another layer of customization both online and in-store. Recently, men’s wear as a category has been boosted by a rise in customization.