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Asics’ New Tennis Shoe Keeps Up With the Changing Game

Asics debuted a new sneaker for tennis players serious about elevating their game.

The Gel-Resolution 8 incorporates a pair of technologies designed to improve a specific aspect of a tennis athlete’s performance. Dubbed Dynawrap and Dynawall, these new innovations are designed to help baseline players—who stop and start quickly as they cover the entire court—recover from returning a long volley. They can improve braking force by 7.2 percent, Asics said.

“Ultimately the Gel-Resolution 8 tennis shoe reflects Asics’ commitment to understanding the mechanics of tennis. In contrast to running, which is principally about moving in straight lines, tennis involves a lot of different movements,” Tatsuya Ishikawa, lead researcher with the Asics’ Institute of Sports Science’s (ISS) footwear function development team, said in a statement.

“It’s our job to focus on those, and every new release takes that to the next level,” Ishikawa said. “We’ve been selling tennis shoes since 1952, and as playing styles have evolved and become more physical—from the pro ranks right down to youth tennis—our shoes have adapted to meet those requirements.”

Dynawall balances stability and flexibility in the Gel-Resolution 8, while Dynawrap affords a closer fit by cradling the foot. Dynawrap leverages a system of panels to capitalize on the player’s own forces and maintain the correct fit even when stopping suddenly.

The sneaker’s outsole maximizes the surface area in the specific regions that are most vital to stopping momentum, without adding significant friction in the event of a slide.

French tennis star Gaël Monfils, who tested the Gel-Resolution 8 at ISS’s behest, described the shoe’s stability and grip as “unreal.”

“With tennis shoes, the ultimate goal is to give the wearer more time,” Isamu Ochi, general manager of Asics’ CPS footwear division’s product management department, added. “That means the time to make that crucial return, prepare for the next shot, seize the upper hand and put your opponent on the back foot. Being able to stop and change direction quickly is vital to that, which is where our new Gel-Resolution 8 model comes in.”

The Asics Resolution 8 is now available through and retail channels.