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BedStu Introduces Organics Collection

BedStu is proving that good design can also be good for the planet.

On Friday, the Brooklyn-inspired brand debuted the Organics Collection, a line of vegetable tanned leather footwear free from harmful metals such as chromes, formaldehydes, and other chemicals. The brand achieves rich colors and textures the old-fashioned way using tree bark, leaves, plants and other organic materials.

The collection incorporates natural materials from the ground up. Components include natural latex rubber insoles, biodegradable supports and primarily water-based glues and dyes with limited exceptions, such as poly cotton threads for durability. Other styles use natural cork and recycled leather shavings in the midsole, which ultimately form to the shape of the wearer’s feet for a custom fit.

The collection, which retails for $200-$400 on the BedStu website, spans men’s brogues and sneaker/boots to women’s sandals and laced boots.

To support the launch of the Organics Collection, BedStu is rolling out a social media campaign called Naturally Imperfect. The campaign, using the hashtag #NaturallyImperfect, aims to change the negative perception of imperfections.

“BedStu is handmade by real people and embraces the imperfections found naturally in the organic materials crafting our footwear and accessories,” said BedStu COO Andrew Forbes. “The BedStu philosophy has celebrated natural imperfections from the beginning, and will come to life during our Naturally Imperfect campaign.”