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Bernardo Sues Famous Footwear for Selling Copycat Sandals

Heritage sandal brand Bernardo, a division of JPT Group LLC, is taking Famous Footwear to Texas federal court with claims that the retailer copied and sold knockoffs of its iconic and patented sandal designs.

Law 360 reported that JPT claims Famous Footwear “willfully infringed” on its patents by contracting with suppliers to have the sandals manufactured in China and distributed in the US. The sandal in question has two patents on its ornamental design—a mark that JPT Group says Famous Footwear should have noticed.

The suit requests damages, attorneys’ fees and permanent injunction to prevent Famous Footwear from continuing its infringement, Law 360 reported.

This isn’t the first time Bernardo’s classic sandal styles have been a courtroom topic. JPT has filed similar suits against Yellow Box and Express for violating intellectual property. JPT also took Gap and Old Navy to court for infringements, however, Law 360 said the suit was voluntarily dismissed.