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Blundstone Debuts New Lace-Up Gore Series

Australian boot brand Blundstone was in New York City last week to showcase their new collection at an exclusive launch event on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, including a first look at their first-ever Lace-Up Gore line.

Alongside familiar brand staples including the classic 500 and suede series, Blundstone’s big focus for Fall ’16 was its brand new Lace-Up Gore series, as well as the debut of a new batch of colors in its Ladies’ Original series.

Though Blundstone’s famous Chelsea boot has been a unisex staple for more than 140 years, the new Ladies’ Original series, launched last fall, is the first range the company has released exclusively for women. Including five styles, every boot is made of premium leather with a removable footbed, and is available in new colors including Antique Grey and Shiraz.

The Lace-Up Gore series marries Blundstone’s iconic Chelsea boot with a new laced upper for both style and convenience, with twin gore for added comfort. The Lace Up Gores are available in four new styles including Grizzly Black and Rustic Brown.

The women’s styles retail for around $180 and are available now through Blundstone’s website, while the Lace-Up Gore series will be available starting in the summer for $219.95 retail.