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Sneaker Artist Serves Up Hand-Painted Drop Feting Sugar-Free Iced Tea

Food and beverage brands have long tested a tried-and-true recipe for putting their newest launches on Gen Z’s radar: fashion that celebrates the cohort’s obsession with newness, scarcity and the culture of cool.

And for Brisk, that means cooking up five pairs of custom, hand-painted sneakers that will serve as the grand prizes for a promotion feting its latest iced tea drink.

The beverage brand brought back sneaker artist Dan “Mache” Gamache to hand paint shoes inspired by the new Brisk Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea. Gamache previously worked with the brand five years ago on another set of limited-edition sneakers.

“I’m incredibly excited to be working with Brisk again after five years to support the release of the new Brisk Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea,” Gamache said in a statement. “Taking inspiration from the Brisk label, I’ve created a sneaker design to illustrate firsthand how artists can unlock their own creative potential, starting from zero and turning it into something great.”

Five pairs of custom sneakers hand painted by Dan “Mache” Gamache will be distributed to the grand prize winners of Brisk’s “Unlock Your Zero Drop.”
Five pairs of custom sneakers hand painted by Dan “Mache” Gamache will be distributed to the grand prize winners of Brisk’s “Unlock Your Zero Drop.” Brisk

Launched Monday, Brisk’s “Unlock Your Zero Drop” promotion gives fans 56 days to enter codes from its products in exchange for a chance at winning one of more than 2,600 prizes, including a sweatshirt, hoodie, pair of socks, art supply kit, longboard and boombox. The value of all available prizes totals $122,796.

In addition to a pair of custom sneakers, the campaign’s five grand prize winners will also receive a tablet, wireless stylus pen, subscription to a creative and graphic design service, bucket hat, pocket T-shirt, bomber jacket and pair of joggers. According to Brisk, the approximate retail value of each grand prize comes out to $1,658.

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The event aims to support up-and-coming creators, Brisk said. To this end, it plans to release behind-the-scenes content spotlighting Mache, as well as four other artists: multimedia duo Riiisa Boogie and Rezones, photographer Mark Elzey and graffiti artist Epic Uno.

“At Brisk, we celebrate creative individuality and work to amplify voices of emerging talent, whether through our bottle labels—each one created by a different artist—or inventive campaigns aimed at supporting up-and-coming creators,” Katrina McDonald, senior marketing director, Pepsi Lipton Partnership, said in a statement.

Brisk is not the only iced tea brand to use footwear as a vehicle for stimulating interest. Arizona Iced Tea infamously teamed up with Adidas to give away themed sneakers for just $1 in 2019. The event drew massive crowds, spawned multiple fights and eventually was shut down by the police before it even began. The ill-fated day, however, did not discourage the pair from reuniting earlier this year. Last month’s drop consisted of four colorways, each on Adidas’ Superstar silhouette and available at a more typical $100.