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Brown Shoe Co Rebrands Itself as Caleres

After 137 years as Brown Shoe Company, the footwear manufacture announced it is embarking on a major rebranding initiative to keep up with the changing times, including a new name, Caleres.

Brown Shoe Company will become Caleres following its annual shareholder meeting on May 28. The moniker, derived from the Latin word ‘calere,’ translates to ‘passionate, to glow.’ The new logo will also incorporate the ‘Star-Five-Star’ mark, which has been used by the company since 1885.

“We’re excited about our rebranding initiative, which will use our history to fuel our future,” said Diane Sullivan, CEO, president and chairman of the board of Brown Shoe Company. “Our new brand identity reminds us of the legacy we must preserve as we build for another century of progress. Part of that identity is our name and mark, and these two elements demonstrate the passion behind our 137-year-old success story and help set the benchmark for the continued importance of fit to our future.”

Additionally, the company said it is launching a new men’s footwear business, Brown Shoe Bootmakers. The line of rugged-meets-artisan shoes is slated to debut in 2016. Sullivan said the brand is an “opportunity to honor our heritage and organically grow our business, while filling a void in the marketplace.”

She added, “Our rebranding initiative, and the launch of our men’s footwear business, help position us as a company with both a proud legacy and an ambitious global vision. Our passion for fit, our dedication to craftsmanship, and our business savvy are part of our legacy, while our vision helps fuel our future. And, as always, the consumer will remain at the center of everything we do.”