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Converse Tests New Waters With Three-Way Women’s Wear Collaboration

Converse has released details regarding a new collection for women that the brand says will “push the limits of design” as Nike begins to reposition the brand following a chain of disappointing quarters.

In Nike’s latest earnings report—and in its last few earnings reports—rising revenue and earnings came with one caveat: Converse simply wasn’t doing very well. Perhaps the brand’s ills can be explained by the rise of Vans and its renewed appeal to Converse’s youthful demographic. Regardless, Nike recognized that to get Converse revenue back to growth, it would have to reposition it as a more modern brand.

Converse’s new collection, which launched Friday, appears to be one of the first steps in that direction.

The capsule will be a triple collaboration, featuring designs from three different designers with a decidedly streetwear vibe.

“The three rising designers worked separately to funnel the brand’s history through two distinct filters: sport and utility,” Converse said in a statement. “Each designer applied their respective aesthetic and expertise to a mix of Converse’s archetypal garments and catalog of footwear, producing a capsule that stands on its own.”

The design houses that make up Converse’s three-headed collaboration include LVMH Prize Finalist, Koché, London-based men’s wear brand, Feng Chen Wang, and Faith Connexion, a youth-oriented design “laboratory” from Paris. Each designer was tasked with creating a specific look and feel for its part of the capsule, while also ensuring each piece could be mixed and matched with others in the collection.

Converse Tests New Waters With Three-Way Women's Wear Collaboration
Converse’s new women’s wear collection combines disparate aesthetics and transfers them to a single cohesive streetwear capsule. Pictured (from left to right): Koché, Feng Chen Wang, Faith Connexion Converse

“This new concept extends a tradition of Converse product being framed not just by original purpose but by how it is received, adopted and transformed by subcultures around the world,” the brand explained.

Koché’s collection relies heavily on color-blocking and patchwork, giving it a distinctly feminine 90’s vibe. In contrast, this is the first women’s wear capsule to be produced by Feng Chen Wang, and as such, it takes a sharper, more uniform approach to its tracksuits and windbreakers. Finally, Faith Connexion referenced Converse’s history as a military shoe-maker and its own gritty reputation with a collection of camouflage-inspired apparel.