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Cougar Braves the Elements In Style

Proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for performance, Cougar has leveraged its Canadian roots to create guaranteed waterproof footwear that looks good. In fact, the shoes and boots look so good that folks walking the floor at FFANY are often heard saying they would wear the them even on a nice day.

Family-owned and run since 1948, Cougar established themselves in the boot-making business with waterproof boots for all seasons.

“Winter boots can be very utilitarian in appearance,” said Steve Sedlbauer, Cougar Boots president. “At Cougar we try to give the customer a reason to update her look with styles that combine fashion with function.”

Don’t let the elements stop you from enjoying your day.

The company reaches far and wide for style inspiration, including traveling to Europe, hitting the slopes at resorts and touring fashion cities. One trend that is undeniably important to Cougar’s clientele is athleisure. Sedlbaurer said the “sneaker-meets-boot” style looks great on city streets while having all the functionality of traditional winter boots.

For Fall ’17, the brand is introducing new slip-resistant soles that combine rubber with lightweight compounds. The lightweight soles complement the plethora of athleisure styles in the collection.

“The athleisure/sport influence is really key for this fall and in the Cougar collection. Applying waterproof and cold rating on winter styles creates a whole new look for the category,” said Sedlbauer.

Cougar continues to supply fans with their favorites for Fall ’17, with popular seasonal pattern updates on classic rainboots and the Chalet collection, which takes on a new sport-inspired look. The popular Lodge, Woodland, Yuma and Kensington silhouettes also see the introduction of shearling for the first time.

“We have a long history of dealing with whatever mother nature throws at us,” said Sedlbauer. “Don’t let the elements stop you from enjoying your day.”