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‘Digital Cobbler’ Feetz Raises $1.25 Million to Launch Direct to Consumer Platform

The concept of “a perfect fit” is being redefined. Feetz, a customized 3-D footwear company, announced the closing of a $1.25 million seed round, which will launch the company’s direct-to-consumer platform via a micro-manufacturing center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Khosla Ventures led the investment, along with JumpFund, and former Reebok CEO Ulli Becker, who has joined the Feetz board of directors.

Along with custom fit, Feetz founder and CEO Lucy Beard noted that no two pairs are ever the same. Customers will be able to fit their own shoes at home using the Feetz App, which takes a 3-D scan of their feet using a piece of paper and three photos of each foot. The buyer selects the design and colors and receives a pair of custom fit shoes within seven days.

Becker said, “The core idea of Feetz is huge and so disruptive to footwear and its processes as we know it today. This paired with the substance both founders bring to the table, I decided to throw in my experience and support to help build the company, so that Feetz becomes a powerful force in the marketplace.”