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Dr. Scholl’s Originals Launches Collection with Sportie LA

Dr. Scholl’s iconic Original Exercise Sandal is getting a touch of Hollywood glamour. The Brown Shoe-owned footwear brand linked up with Melrose Avenue retail stalwart, Sportie LA, for a five-piece, co-branded line that celebrates the sandal’s Americana design.

The collaboration came about after Brown Shoe CEO Diane Sullivan heard Sportie LA co-founder Isack Fadlon speak at a conference and encouraged him to connect with Dr. Scholl’s Shoes creative director James Sowins.

The limited edition collection, which hit Sportie LA on Feb. 1, includes all black, white, platinum and silver sandals, as well as a tan and black dot style.

The line is sold exclusively at Sportie LA’s retail location and e-commerce store. After 45 days, the collection will be available for purchase on Dr. Scholl’s website. The sandals retail for $88.