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Emu Australia on Entering the Tween Footwear Category

Emu Australia has been offering up winter-focused footwear for over 20 years.

The brand known for its men’s and women’s weatherized winter boots and animal-themed children’s boots continues to grow this fall by adding girls’ tween offerings to the mix for sizes 13 to 6. The tween collection launched this fall at retailers Ever After, Journeys and Zappos.

Designed for notoriously opinionated shoppers, Sue Meehan, Emu Australia global director of brand and e-commerce, says the tween collection is over a year in the making. “We have drawn on the expertise of our current design and production teams to deliver tweens styles that are on-brand and commercially sought after,” she said.

Vamp spoke to Meehan about the brand’s foray into tweendom, and what shoppers can expect from the line.

VAMP: What are some key styles and themes in the collection?
Meehan: For fall, our fashion-focused Roadside, Pioneer and Tenzing boots are borrowed from the same popular styles in our women’s collection. We’ve also delivered very popular waterproof styles, along with the classic sheepskin boot silhouette that we do so well.

VAMP: How does it reflect Emu’s DNA?
Meehan: Emu Australia is all about quality, comfort and functionality. We take the time to select the best materials and adopt quality craftsmanship for every shoe we design and make—tweens, women’s or kids. The sought-after combination of fashion and function is delivered with style and fits perfectly with the tween marketing.

VAMP: How did the designers choose which styles made the cut for tweens?
Meehan: The concept originated from market demand. Our customers were asking for it. They were loving what we produced for both our women’s and kids’ ranges. We considered styles that tweens would like but also made sure they were of a quality that our customers expect from Emu. The style, price point, materials, functionality and fashionability had to be right for the market.

VAMP: Describe the tween footwear market.
Meehan: Tweens are purchasing footwear from both brick-and-mortar and online. The tween market is a rapidly growing segment of the footwear business. The client is looking for more than just on trend items—fashion and functional, unique silhouettes with fun colors that are a bit more mature.

VAMP: What kind of feedback is the brand receiving for the tween line?
Meehan: We’ve received fantastic feedback on our tweens range and as a result will be expanding the breath of the range in future collections.