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FitMyFoot’s Custom-Fit Slides Use 3D Mobile Foot Scanning

FitMyFoot, a manufacturer of custom insoles and sandals, has released a made-to-order, custom-fit version of its slide sandals. The FitMyFoot Comfort Plus Slides are engineered to rival medical-grade orthotics in both comfort and price, and can be fitted and pre-ordered in more than 60 colors and styles using a smartphone, the company says.

The manufacturer developed its first custom flip-flops in 2017, winning a Golden A’ Design Award from the International Design Academy in 2019 for its Wiivv custom sandal model. Since then, FitMyFoot says that demand for a slide version of the flip-flops has increased among its customer base.

“We’re fortunate to have customers who are incredibly loyal and vocal,” said Chris Jolley, CEO of FitMyFoot. “Their feedback is our innovation fuel, powered by our half of a decade in 3D-printing technology and our obsession for helping people live pain-free, more active lifestyles.”

The company, originally known as Wiivv Wearables until late 2020, creates 3D-printed custom footwear, apparel and wearables using body capture technology. With 10 patents across the custom footwear and mobile space, FitMyFoot uses photos of the customer’s foot via its mobile app to create customized, biometrically optimized footwear for each unique foot to improve overall alignment, and reduce foot fatigue and pain.

The FitMyFoot mobile app in action.
The FitMyFoot mobile app in action. FitMyFoot App

FitMyFoot algorithms are built on more than 12 million data points, and the company says that number is increasing. Third-party biomechanics laboratories validate and test the products to ensure optimum comfort and function before releasing them to the consumer.

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Like its other insole and sandal offerings, FitMyFoot’s slides are made using precise measurements of each foot taken on the FitMyFoot mobile app. The 3D-molded surface is designed to cradle the foot from heel-to-toe, with the goal to improve alignment, custom-arch support and weight distribution underfoot. The slides also include adjustable Velcro straps, enabling wearers to modify to their own comfort level.

The dynamically tuned arch support and heel cup allow the foot to move as it is naturally designed, while maintaining strength and agility. And from a material perspective, the sandal includes a high-performance foam for a lightweight feel, and a waterproof, breathable material doesn’t absorb moisture for easy cleaning.

The latest release comes amid both the acceleration in e-commerce shopping along with the growth of fit technologies. In the case of footwear, mobile apps that scan a wearer’s foot to measure shoe size are gaining steam as retailers aim to mitigate online returns.

A recent online survey from of these tech providers, Volumental, illustrates that this could continue to be a problem for brands this holiday season.

Of the 538 consumers the company questioned, 63 percent said they plan to buy shoes online during the holiday season. Of that percentage, 43 percent (147 consumers) said they expect to purchase more than one pair of the same shoe in order to figure out which size fits best and then return the others.

FitMyFoot Comfort Plus Slides are available online at a $20 discount for $109.95 through Nov. 30.

“Until today, slide users settled for insufficiently supported options that required significant time to break in and mold to their feet,” said Bill Snowden, FitMyFoot advisory board member. “With the FitMyFoot custom 3D-printed Slides, we’re answering the call for shoes that offer post-activity recovery and continuous comfort and foot health to achieve an improved daily life.”