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Getting to Know Swedish Boot Brand Ten Points

For Ten Points, it’s all about creating a fair and sustainable process.

Since launching in 1983, the Swedish boot brand has become well regarded in Europe for its elegant, vegetable-tanned leather Chelsea boots and has recently been expanding its footprint in the U.S. by attending Sole Commerce and FN PLATFORM.

Trendy for sure, but Ten Points has been doing it this way long before sustainability was considered hip.

The trade shows have been opportunities for the family-owned brand to share that story with retailers and for buyers to experience the brand’s unique leathers in person. The brand has recently added Seattle-based shops Horseshoe and Sole Food, as well as San Antonio-based LeeLee and San Francisco’s Shoe Shop Haigh Street to its roster of U.S. retailers.

In addition to Chelsea boots, Ten Points women’s collection spans biker boots and loafers to clogs and slick leather sneakers. Men’s styles include Chelsea boots, lace-up boots, sneakers and a range of work-inspired shoes. Some styles are lined with wool for added warmth. The Spring ’17 line retails for $139-$250.

Vamp recently spoke with Ten Points CMO Magnus Palmér on Swedish simplicity, and what American fans can expect for Spring ’17.

VAMP: Why do you choose vegetable tanning?
Palmér: Vegetable tanning shows off leather in its most natural state without the use of chromium, and of course it is very beautiful. The average process time of vegetable tanning is quite similar to chrome-tanned leather, but it can take up to 60 days to produce certain leathers. Due to the natural tannins used, vegetable-tanned products are unique and have their own life. They’re not the same for their entire life, but they change, continuously, developing a shiny patina over time.


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VAMP: Ten Points is family-owned. What’s it like working with family?
Palmér: Ten Points is 100 percent family-owned. Of course, it’s very special to work in a family business. We all have the same goals and so its easier to make faster decisions, which these days is very important as we’re in a business that’s changing a lot.

VAMP: Who is the Ten Points customer?
Palmér: Our customer is interested in the Scandinavian lifestyle and simple design with a unique look. The quality and look of the shoes is what the target audience first notices. To wear our unique shoes, made by hand in high quality leathers and materials, and with sustainable production methods, is a way of living for today’s modern people.

VAMP: Why have you decided now is a good time to target the U.S. market?
Palmér: Currently we’re found in cities like Seoul, Toronto, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Stockholm, but we’ve received a lot of emails asking where we can be found in U.S. In December 2014 we were part of a pop-up store in New York City and out of all the brands participating we were first to sell out. We also had a big increase of people from U.S. buying from our web shop, and so we started to have a more serious look at the market. We think the footwear we offer, with a focus on Swedish design and quality European craftsmanship, has big potential in US.. That said, we’ve decided to run a marathon, not a sprint, so getting the right sellers and building the brand in the correct way is important to us. That’s why we’ve decided to have no reps and travel around to present the brand ourselves for the first year.

VAMP: What’s new for Spring ’17?
Palmér: Our range of spring boots and Chelsea boots in brushed silver and gold with a washed leather outsole were big hits at the show in Vegas together with our clogs, so we’re very excited for that. For men, our range of vegetable-tanned leather shoes made a great impact, in especially the color Natural. All of the styles provide great good comfort as well, and in today’s market that’s crucial.