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Goldmud Unveils a Slick New Look for Fall ’16

Portuguese footwear brand Goldmud unveiled a new look at GDS with a redesigned collection led by avant-garde designer and a favorite of Lady Gaga, Alexandra Moura.

Moura took a Scandinavian approach for the Fall ’16 collection with nomadic themes, simple silhouettes and generous uses of fur and calf hair in both the men’s and women’s lines. The new direction was decidedly more high fashion and progressive compared to the rugged and distressed styles in stores this winter.


The line was highlighted by a series of unisex styles, including box leather lace-ups on crepe soles, loafers cloaked in fur and oxfords with unique stretch metal closures. Combinations of burgundy, gray, black and navy were carried throughout the range, as well as rabbit fur, elastic details and stingray-embossed leather.

A brand representative at the show said buyers were especially drawn to its black boots with a deep red stacked heel for women and men’s crepe soles oxfords in navy and black colorways.