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How Athletic Brands are Celebrating International Women’s Day

Industry competitors Reebok, Under Armour and Nike can agree on one thing—empowering women. The athletic brands released videos in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Reebok looked internally for the subjects of its film, interviewing the women behind the brand from various departments. From the general manager of Reebok Training to the design manager of Reebok Running, the ladies of Reebok discuss the concept of gender equality. The campaign rolled out across Reebok’s social media and digital platforms.

Under Armour debuted a video Tuesday on the brand’s Under Armour Women Twitter account, putting forward the message “You’re more than a pretty face.” The video delves into the marginalization of women through the complement “You are pretty.”

The video takes the word pretty and puts it in front of adjectives that apply to more than just looks, but to character and brains.

Nike voiced its support for women by tweeting a film “What are girls made of?” in Russian, with English subtitles.

Nike’s video shows a girl standing on a stage in front of an audience singing a song about what girls are made of—changing the lyrics halfway through the song to those of empowerment instead of the stereotypical sentiments sang at the beginning of the song. She goes from “made of flowers and rings,” to “made of iron… striving, of self dedication.” The film ends with the girl about to score a goal in a soccer game and features strong female athletes throughout the girl’s time on stage.