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How SoxSols Wants to Help Wearers Out of Sticky Situations

If shoe insert company SoxSols has one person they can thank for helping them create their innovative flat sock, its inventor Judson Leiser’s graduate school roommate. He was the one who demanded Leiser to get rid of his Tevas after they took on a smell that’s best left out in nature.

Leiser has a background as an engineer, and he developed SoxSols’ combination silicone rubber bottom and proprietary fabric upper. This combination allows the insert to be both machine washable and dryer safe. They also have a gripping bottom, which is unusual as most insole brands either do one or the other.

When you would normally experience that “sticky foot” feeling, SoxSols can relieve it. Brand manager Bethany MacKenzie said the inserts can add comfort in situations where feet can become really uncomfortable. “It lends a sense of freedom, so you can wear different shoes that you might not wear in certain situations,” she explained.

The insoles, offered in black and brown designed to be invisible in a shoe, are available in cotton and wool fabrications, with the cotton more popular in areas like Miami and the moisture-wicking wool more popular in the Pacific Northwest. The cotton is sourced locally in the U.S., (the wool is sourced outside the country), but all the manufacturing is done in the SoxSols factory in Oregon.

Although the liners were originally designed for Teva-style shoes, they can also be worn in styles like loafers and dockers. The brand is currently working on a specific style with narrower footbeds that will fit in high heels.