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Howsty Delivers Boho-Chic with an International Flavor

Consumers craving to comb through the souks of Morocco or India can satisfy their taste for travel with Howsty. The Spanish label has been working some serious wanderlust into its boots, shoes and bags since it debuted in 2012, adding textural interest to contemporary silhouettes with woven carpets such as Moroccan kilim rugs and traditional Indian dhurries. For Spring ’15, Howsty is focused on ramping up its presence in 18 countries worldwide including the United States, where it launched last November.

Silvia Gomez de la Mata, who left a career in banking to found the brand with Sandra Mirat, said, “We believe the U.S. public, in particular, can understand our concept of boho-chic fashion.” She added, “We saw a clear niche in the market. Shoppers were demanding quality and trends but at an affordable price, and we wanted to fill that hole.” The budding business——whose name stands for Helping Others With Style——combines handcrafted artistry with social consciousness to offer Spanish-made shoes, boots and bags.

“The fabrics we use come from women’s cooperatives in Morocco and India and we collaborate with NGOs supporting the education of children, especially girls, in these countries, too,” Gomez de la Mata explained. In Morocco, Howsty helps “hadanas,” or schools, while in India the brand supports a school for girls whose families cannot afford an education.

To that end, the socially responsible brand filters its Fall ’15 collection through a distinctly bohemian filter. Leather ankle boots, sneakers and transitional sandals in an earth-toned palette are accented with embroidery, fringe and pops of vibrantly woven material in green, yellow, red and orange.

Targeting “wild spirits searching for light and adventure,” Howsty retails from $260 to $330. Gomez de la Mata added, “The fabric makes each pair of boots unique and we strive to ensure that no two pairs are the same.”