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K-Swiss and Diplo Launch Campaign Targeted to Young Entrepreneurs

K-Swiss is offering a lesson in Entrepreneurship 101. The heritage tennis brand is partnering with DJ and producer Diplo to launch ‘The Board,’ a campaign geared toward the next generation of young movers and shakers.

Diplo will head a board consisting of 100 creative individuals who will work on real strategies to re-imagine the K-Swiss brand. Board members will have access to a members-only website with a six-course program that connects them with industry insiders. Insiders will give instruction on their area of expertise and then assign a board member a task to implement for K-Swiss. Curriculum will highlight topics including: brand positioning, sneaker design, social media promotion and drafting a business plan.

Diplo said, “I am excited to be part of ‘The Board’, to bring young entrepreneurial minds into the process to help build the next chapter at such a respected brand.”

For K-Swiss, a brand that was launched by two entrepreneurs in 1966, the campaign is a natural progression to meet the interests of today’s consumers. K-Swiss global brands chief marketing officer Barney Waters said, “We believe that consumer aspirations have shifted. The goal has evolved beyond being the fastest runner or being a celebrity. Young people want their own brands, their own voice and their own businesses. K-Swiss is committed to outfitting and inspiring this generation of entrepreneurs.”

K-Swiss is accepting board member applications now through April 30, 2015 at