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New Brand Kahmune Redefines ‘Nude’ Footwear

There isn’t one way to define a ‘nude’ shoe. New brand Kahmune (pronounced com-mune), aims to fill an industry-wide gap by providing nude footwear for women of every skin color.

“Kahmune was born as a long overdue solution,” said founder and CEO Jamela A. Acheampong. “There are quite a few other brands on the market doing the same for lingerie, lipstick, and tights but I noticed a huge gap when it came to women’s footwear.”

The Made in Italy brand offers 10 different shades of nude color footwear, spanning from the porcelain-inspired Edinburgh to the chocolate-like Juba. Acheampong used a muse for each shade to ensure that each color is as close to actual skin tones as possible. To help women identify their shade, Kahmune names similar colored makeup by popular brands like Mac and L.A. Girl on its website.

After a year dedicated to research and perfecting undertones, the brand plans to roll out pre-orders in February. Initial styles include a pointed-toe pump and an open-toe sandal. Shoes will retail online for approximately $250-$350, a more accessible price point than Christian Louboutin’s Nude Collection.

“A lot of ‘nude’ shoes out there aren’t truly nude; by that I mean they don’t truly match skin tones,” said Acheampong. “Additionally, there are so many hues that are left out, particularly those of the various regions of Asia. I wanted to make sure that I had shades that catered to that regional demographic.”