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Katy Perry Talks Design & Inspiration for Her Spring ’18 Collection

Katy Perry wants to make sure fearless fashionistas have fresh and fierce shoes on lock.

The Grammy nominated singer, who launched her eponymous shoe line last year with Global Brands Group, takes a hands-on approach to design with fun and over-the-top shoes that mirror her whimsical style. Past collections include styles inspired by race cars, cigars, bunnies and Rubik’s cubes.

As for Spring ’18, the recently announced MTV Video Music Award host’s collection offers even more colorful styles. According to the star’s Instagram stories, where she gave followers a sneak-peak at the line, design themes for the season span mermaids and sharks, to pizza and grapes.

During a reprieve from her tour and the release of her new album, ‘Witness,’ Vamp chatted with the singer about her foray into footwear, her first shoe memory and what styles she’s most excited for in her Spring ’18 collection.

VAMP: You tapped into some unique sources of inspiration for the debut collection. What is your creative process like?
Perry: At the beginning of the design process for each season, we focus on three main themes we want to develop, and then we have a big brainstorm meeting to decide how we make these ideas our own. It’s like a game of ad-libs for the shoes, and trying to see what is synonymous to the theme that we pick.

VAMP: What is your favorite part of the shoe-making process?
Perry: I love the prototype meeting. It’s always mind-blowing to watch the process go from dream to a sketch on paper to a shoe to fit on your foot. I love seeing an idea become 3D.

VAMP: Describe the Spring ’18 collection. Which styles are you most excited about?
Perry: There are four fun themes for the Spring ’18 collection: Enchanted Garden, It’s a Woman’s World, Playland and Valentine’s Day. My favorite styles include the tuxedo heel, tuxedo/bow-tie slip-on sneaks, tuxedo slide, domino heel, marble heel, floral oxford and XO heels.

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VAMP: Who are some shoe designers that you admire and believe push boundaries?
Perry: I love the attention to detail and the personality pieces that Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster bring to the table. That kind of creativity sets a high bar for the rest of the industry to think outside the box, and I hope my line does that as well, all while keeping an affordable price point.

VAMP:What do you want people to feel when they wear your shoes?
Perry: I want them to feel like they are communicating through their choice of shoe. They can show off that they either have a sense of humor, a larger-than-life personality or that they want to experiment with their fashion choice. The shoes can be conversation ice-breakers.

VAMP: What is your most memorable shoe moment?
Perry: One of my most memorable shoe moments was before I designed my own line of shoes, I designed a pair of red sparkly heels in a one-off collaboration about 10 years ago. I wore them to a party where someone built a dance floor over a pool. That dance floor collapsed and ended up in the pool, along with one of my shoes. A boy that I was flirting with that evening took it upon himself to dive in and grab it, and we ended up dancing the night away, even with a soggy sole.