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Kizik Donates 1,000 Pairs of Shoes to Front Line Workers

Every precaution can make a difference in the effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus, and Kizik’s hands-free footwear might help medical workers stay healthy and active on the front lines.

New research released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that coronavirus infections in hospitals can often travel from ward to ward on the soles of medical workers’ shoes. This has led to the establishment of new footwear cleaning protocols and devices to minimize contamination within different parts of a medical facility.

The study prompted Kizik company to step in and donate 1,000 pairs of its $99 hands-free shoes to medical staff, potentially reducing their risk of infection by limiting the number of times they must touch their footwear, CEO Monte Deere.

“When this CDC study broke, we immediately realized our shoes could help front-line healthcare workers battling COVID-19,” Deere said. “If you don’t have to use your hands to put on, take off, or lace up your shoes, the likelihood of the coronavirus traveling from shoes to hands will be reduced.

“Giving away 1,000 pairs of shoes to the doctors and nurses who are risking their own health is our small way of showing them support during these uncertain and trying times,” he added.

Kizik shoes feature an aerospace-grade titanium band that can be customized to contract for a slip-on fit, rebounding to hold the foot securely without the need for laces or requiring any manual manipulation, an attractive option for differently abled persons.

Handsfree Labs has plans to release another style, the Pilar, later in 2020.

Kizik’s product donation comes as many others in the footwear industry have made their shoes available to healthcare workers and those on the front lines who are toiling tirelessly amid the viral outbreak.