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Kizik Drops New Hands-Free Sneaker Line

Utah-based footwear brand Kizik has released its latest line of hands-free footwear.

The company’s new Roamer series pairs Kizik’s existing innovative Unified heel technology with a fresher aesthetic. The first release from the line is the Roamer sneaker, which features an external heel piece that is blended with the sole without a parting line for a streamlined effect. The heel and outsole are comprised of Flex Foam, a proprietary compound engineered for enhanced durability, Kizik said.

Product testing on the style revealed that the Roamer’s sole can withstand over 30,000 compressions. Designed for comfort, it is made to conform to the wearer’s foot while remaining flexible throughout daily activities. A wide-stance outsole is meant to prevent ankle rolling. The shoe’s polyester knit upper is designed to provide extra room for the forefoot, and removable footbeds add to the cushioned effect.

Available on the brand’s e-commerce site in men’s and women’s sizes, the Roamer retails for $149 and is sold in four color ways including black, navy blue, mauve and tan.

The women's roamer sneaker in sand (tan).
Kizik Roamer Kizik

“Hands-free footwear is not a niche category,” Kizik CEO Monte Deere said. “The demand we have experienced ranges from people who need a hands-free option to people who just enjoy the convenience.”

Founded in 2018, Kizik made waves with its patented “self-lacing” men’s sneakers that conformed to the wearer’s foot, providing the style of a sneaker without any tying or knotting. Kizik owner Handsfree Labs has partnered with Nike on adaptive footwear since 2019, receiving $3 million in funding last year to advance its technology. This summer, Kizik reported a $20 million Series B funding round to fuel its brick-and-mortar expansion and launch its kids line. The company plans to open its first store in its home state of Utah, and expects to open five locations in 2023.