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L.A. Gear to Make a Comeback

The 80s and 90s are back—in the form of L.A. Gear. The iconic sneaker brand, known for fusing fashion, sport and pop culture inspiration into its designs, is gearing up a Spring ’15 reboot with the reintroduction of its Originals line for men, women and children.

L.A. Gear, which got its start in 1983 on Los Angeles’ Melrose Avenue, plans to offer retrospective styles that L.A. Gear fans are accustomed to, while appealing to a new generation of tastemakers and sneaker enthusiasts with new colorways and styles.

The company will first launch the Lights Liquid Gold limited edition sneaker——in homage to its L.A. Lights line——followed by the release of several collections throughout the year. And following its tradition of linking up with brand ambassadors outside of the athletic realm, L.A. Gear has enlisted rap artist Tyga to be its creative brand advisor.

It makes perfect sense for a brand synonymous with the 80s and 90s to make a comeback now, as fashion nostalgically turns to those decades for design influence. Lance Jackson, vice president of L.A. Gear, said, “Our loyal customers and sneaker collectors have been consistently buying out our existing L.A. Gear Originals inventory, and with the blending of vintage and modern style so on trend right now, it is the perfect time to remind everyone of the L.A. Gear Originals line-all while adding a fully updated and modern edge to each shoe design and to the overall brand.”

L.A. Gear will be sold in specialty sneaker stores, major department stores and on the L.A. Gear Originals website and app.