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Let ‘Em Play: Converse Sets Converse Rubber Tracks Into Motion

Converse announced the launch of Converse Rubber Tracks program, a two-week event during which the sneaker brand will sponsor 84 recording sessions across eight countries. The recording sessions will take place in 12 landmark studios, including the two Converse Rubber Tracks studios, at no cost to the artists.

The participating artists will be chosen through an online submission process, with the artists submitting a brief artist biography or description via a video or written application.

The participating studios will include Abbey Road Studios in London and Sunset Sounds in Los Angeles, as well as studios in Berlin; Kingston, Jamaica; Reykjavik, Iceland; and several other locations. The original Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, New York will also host artists, as well the second permanent Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Boston, Massachusetts, slated to open this summer.

The selected participants will have the opportunity to work with world-renowned producers and sound engineers, as well as industry-leading production technology.

Jed Lewis, Converse global music marketing director, said, “As a brand so deeply rooted in the next generation of creative spirits, we’re eager to make history while inspiring creativity and self-expression among music communities worldwide.”

Converse opened their flagship studio in Brooklyn in July 2011 and have since hosted 900 artists at no cost. At the end of their studio time, the artists retain all the rights to their own music.