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Hey Lady Takes a Leap Into Ready-to-Wear Footwear

The bridal shoe brand that has caught the attention of Glamour, People and The Knot and worn by stars like Ke$ha and Angela Bassett, is taking the leap into women’s fashion footwear.

Hey Lady, founded by twins Emily and Jessica Leung, is tapping into a new pocket of the women’s shoe market by bringing their vintage chic aesthetic to ready-to-wear footwear. Instead of following trends, the new collection takes inspiration from the past, with each style based on a different decade.

“We wanted to find the spirit that defines a generation in that shoe,” Jessica said. “We have a ‘past-present-future’ test for every shoe. We have an inspiration from an unforgettable woman in history like Jackie O, and our modern muse is Kerry Washington. Super confident, very delicate and feminine—they own it. Then we have our future test and look at someone we know personally.”

The Leungs launched Hey Lady out of necessity. Serving as bridesmaids three times in the course of six months—and with tired feet to prove it—the identical twins saw an opportunity to create comfortable bridal and occasion shoes. The shoes are designed to ensure comfort through shock-absorbing, bounce-back cushioning, breathability and anti-bacterial technology to keep feet dry and cool.

As a true testament to the pair’s twin-ship, they each run a facet of the company: Emily manages the business while Jessica handles the creative.

VAMP caught up with Emily and Jessica and dished about the new collection, as well as their brand’s celebrity appeal.

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VAMP: What are some important colors and materials in the new collection?
Jessica: We like to use high quality buttery leathers. We wanted patent leather for the day-to-night look and leathers and glitter for wedges. It’s kind of like a subtle glitter that you can wear day into night. Our style is classic with a twist, so we’ll have a twist like heart polka dots instead of regular polka dots. We were actually one of the first to use colors for wedding shoes eight years ago. With the colors we use, we want something to be translatable and soft.

VAMP: Which styles are getting the most attention from buyers?
Jessica: The First Lady, the Principessa and the Double Trouble. Hardcore vintage girls love the red patent leather.

VAMP: Brides love social media sites like Pinterest. What’s your social media strategy?
Emily: When we first started everything was so organic in our growth and it started from word of mouth. But, now we’re doing social media. Jessica does Instagram and I do Pinterest. So these really are from us, our visions.

VAMP: What’s next for Hey Lady?
Emily: We are working on bespoke shoes, a perfect fit shoe to your exact measurements. We already emphasize your unique sparkly personalities to shine through our styles, and now we’ll be adding that custom unique fit option.
Jessica: Even identical twins don’t have identical feet or personalities.

VAMP: Celebrities wear your shoes. Do you have a favorite?
Jessica: We’ve had so many. I think I really loved Angela Bassett wearing them twice. The second time was the greatest because she loved them so much she wore them twice.
Emily: We love Ke$ha—she’s bad-ass. A lot of these girls have the qualities we admire. They’re against bullies—which we hate.

VAMP: And you made it onto The Bachelor in Paradise.
Jessica: So the Bachelor in Paradise wedding! Jade and Tanner, we custom made shoes for the bridal party. Her entire bridal party had the Lady shoe custom dyed rosy blush, and then Jade chose the Luck Be a Lady in buttercream because they were so comfy when she tried them when she needed heels during dress fittings. She made it down those stairs in a mermaid dress too, impressive.