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Madewell Makes First Foray Into the World of Sneakers

Madewell has released its first-ever collection of unisex sneakers to add to its offering of denim, apparel and accessories—available now to Madewell Insiders and to the general public.

In recent years, Madewell has evolved its offering to appeal to all sexes, especially when it comes to the brand’s popular denim styles, and has been working to expand its men’s wear offering. For its latest act, Madewell has prepared a unisex collection of skate wear-inspired sneakers that—by way of a colorful and playful aesthetic—can be worn by anyone.

“Developed by Madewell’s in-house design team, the nine-piece unisex collection keeps comfort at its core, featuring MWL Cloudlift insoles for super cushy support. The collection is inspired by old-school skate gear, and features a canvas low-top design for a stylish yet functional look,” the brand wrote in an email to Sourcing Journal.

The inspiration received from skating sneakers is immediately apparent when viewing the collection, drawing comparisons to heritage skating sneakers like classic Vans, Converse and even the popular Nike Killshot. Each of the new sneakers is based on one design, a low-top upper paired with a thick sole and mid-sole, combined with different colorways and embellishments on the side of the upper in selected styles.

The collection includes many typical sneaker color schemes, like all-white, white with gum-colored sole and black with white soles, but also includes some more playful looks like an all-pink colorway and several with colorful, glittery stripes.

Images from the Sidewalk Collection by Madewell
A sampling of the Sidewalk Collection from Madewell. Madewell

As the brand says, the collection was designed completely in-house with one exception: the inclusion of the MWL Cloudlift soles. The soles, according to Madewell, should give wearers a “supercushy, ultra-supportive fit.”

The Sidewalk Collection ranges in price from $68-$88, and included styles can be found in either leather or canvas, with one of the styles also available in suede.