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Klik Wants to Connect Fashion with Comfort Once and for All

Everything just clicked into place for Klik Founders Nancy Olicker and Amy Sprung.

After a particularly frustrating day spent walking around New York City in painful shoes in 2014, Olicker, an industry veteran who worked with Sam Edelman to launch Esprit and held sales merchandising roles at Aerosoles, finally had enough. She wanted footwear that combined comfort and fashion in the truest sense of the words.

“I don’t want to walk around in sneakers all day, but I want to feel like I am… You can’t feel confident if you can’t walk,” she said.

Olicker reconnected with former Aerosoles colleague, Sprung. Together they set out to launch Klik, a women’s footwear line that checks off all of Olicker’s original demands and then some.

Klik, which retails for $190-$300, specializes in flexible and cushioned footwear that seamlessly blend into city chic wardrobes.

After two years, the brand has seen an impressive response from retailers and consumers, largely from word-of-mouth recommendations. UBM Fashion Group President of Footwear Leslie Gallin even recently named Klik as a brand to watch.

For Spring ’17, Olicker and Sprung are building on that momentum with trendy denim espadrilles, flatform sandals and slides. And the duo is adding a point of distinction in their line by finding inspiration from unsuspecting places.

One shoe in the collection was inspired by a pillow Olicker found while sifting through fabrics at the Decoration and Design building in New York. “I thought, ‘I want to put this on my shoe,’” she quipped.

VAMP: Describe your target customer.
Olicker: My target customer is really the high-end contemporary woman. The woman who’s wearing ALC, J Brand—but carries a designer handbag. She’s very fashion.

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VAMP: What are some styles that are getting the most attention from buyers?
Olicker: I design a shoe from the bottom, then I look at the uppers. We’re delivering two fresh bottoms from Fall ’16—a flatform and a wedge. For Spring ’17, we expanded and did an opened-toe wedge and a stacked heel flatform. I think wedges are important. They’re easier to walk in than a skinny heel, especially when the pitch of the wedge is perfect—they feel like sneakers. So many wedges just don’t get the pitch right, which is amazing to me.

VAMP: What are some of the key trends in the Spring ’17 collection?
Olicker: When we say we’re classic, we mean that we’re classic. We’re never super trendy. We definitely still love the woven espadrille feeling. We definitely see denim happening. We love denim on denim on denim—we think those looks are great on our shoes. For color, navy. So, again all of that builds up to classic.

VAMP: How do you promote the brand?
Olicker: We’re posting [on social media] and trying to get the word out there. We want to get good buzz from the retailers. The customers have to come into stores and tell us we’ve got the products right. To me there’s no better marketing than the women that are wearing Klik telling me that they’re amazing. I have texts from people telling me [the shoes] are amazing.