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Minnetonka and Maje Create an Urban Bohemian Story for Fall ’15

Minnetonka teamed up with French fashion label Maje on an exclusive range of Fall ’15 boots. The partnership originated through Minnetonka’s distribution partners in France, however, the shoe brand’s free-spirited designs fell perfectly in line with Maje’s fall story rooted in 1970s urban bohemian style.

The collection, available now at Maje stores and through e-commerce, includes a suede over-the-knee boot with fringe in black, brown and cherry, and a leather-laced ankle bootie in black and olive.

“[Maje] wanted to accentuate their long coats and feminine dresses with our signature suede and fringe styles to capture that spirit from head to toe,” Kayln Waters, Minnetonka director of marketing, explained. “Fringe and suede have been such key elements of fashion for this fall, so we were honored that they looked to us as the footwear authority to partner with to achieve that look,” she added.

Both silhouettes in the Minnetonka x Maje collection have been previously released by brand, but the boots receive a special Maje touch—an exclusive gold charm designed by Maje founder and designer, Judith Milgram. The two-piece charm is designed to resemble a travel keepsake.

Working with other design teams serves as a fashion barometer for Minnetonka to see where trends are going and what might be the next big thing. “We have an extensive collection of different styles, many of which have been in our line for decades; it’s always fascinating to see which styles and materials our partners are drawn to and how they interpret them in a new and fresh way,” Waters said.

For Minnetonka, the collaboration with Maje was a perfect fit as both brands share the adventurous approach to fashion and style. “Both of our consumers are looking for craftsmanship and quality and aren’t afraid to be unexpected when it comes to their fashion,” Waters said.

She continued, “Collaborations push us to think outside the box, try new executions and look at our product through the lens of another brand and who their consumer is and what she wants. They let us sometimes step outside our traditional brand DNA and try new techniques and source new materials that bring in elements and trends that are reflective of our partners.”