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Mizuno Inks Deal with Cardio Sports

Japanese sportswear company Mizuno has entered into an exclusive partnership with Cardio Sport, a group training program that combines sports movements with cardiovascular exercises.

As a part of the partnership, all Cardio Sport certified instructors will be outfitted with new Mizuno running shoes and apparel. Mizuno will also provide support for Cardio Sport events in priority markets.

Cardio Sport, created just under a decade ago in Boston, Mass., currently has more than 300 certified trainers, a number the company says will double in 2016 according to projections.

Kim Hoey, running division brand marketing director at Mizuno USA, “The Cardio Sport methodology is growing and at a fast pace, as evidenced in the increasing demand and presence of Cardio Sport locations nationwide. At Mizuno, we believe in finding a personal fitness routine that enhances and improves an athlete’s running performance, and the relationships built by working out in a group setting helps to strengthen the commitment by the athlete.”